Artist Inspiration

Food for thought...

It would seem that art which attracts a broad audience, has some key characteristics; it comes from the Head, Heart and Hands...

Head - it is well thought out, or deeply pondered

Heart - it comes from the artists being, it has feeling

Hands - it is created by hands that are skilled and yet it does not feel over worked

Take a look at these images from the most recent Transparent Watercolor Society Exhibit. We think you will find a lot of the three H's in these works. We hope they inspire you!

But Woman's Work is Never Done by Janet Belich

Acceso by Ona Kingdon

Cherries with Reflection by Soon Warren

Mardi Gras Mask by Laurie Goldstein-Warren

Cats Cradle by Carol Frye

White Garden Queen by Jacqueline Gnott

Click any of the images to view the exhibition as a whole.